Please check honest and funny speech by Zosia Mamet (star of ‘Girls’) about her own experience with vulvar pain. I’m pretty sure you’re going to relate to most of her stories.

Official video can be found on MAKERS website: http://www.makers.com/blog/2017-makers-conference-zosia-mamet

I won’t forget this feeling when I’ve watched it first time. I couldn’t believe my ears, THAT was finally happening! Well-known person spoke publicly about vulvar pain so there is chance it can get more attention in media. The attention it needs so much. Luckily for us, her speech hit online magazines very same day. I was waiting for this day sooo badly.

It’s obvious there must be famous women/celebrities dealing with this tricky diseases, that is just not possible that vaginas and pelvic floor of all of them are in perfect shape. C’mon, it would be really unfair if fame goes with healthy vagina too. If that was the case I’d be already enrolled in acting school, be on my way to become model or Hollywood wife.

Below I summed up what can you get out of Zosia Mamet monologue and why I appreciate it so much:

– hope it will encourage you to speak out loud about your health issues, any disfunctions that goes with vulvar pain. You need to communicate with your family, friends, partner (especially your partner!)

– if you ever had problem to express what you feel like (or simply couldn’t find words to describe it well) you can show this video to anyone you want to educate

– don’t give up, maybe the tenth (maybe the twentieth) doctor will be yours THE ONE

– in a while our issues might sneak out of taboo box and get more visible in public

– it will make you smile, making joke or two of vulvar pain somehow released some tension I have gathered under my skin in last few years

– the last one and very important one: there is hope next sufferers will get a clue what is happening ‘down there’ much faster than it usually takes

There’s just one BUT to the video we’ve watched. It’s a bit of shame that listeners could hear only about pilates as the ‘magic’ method, while in fact for most of us there is no 1, not even 2 magic methods. It may mislead many on how easy it is to fix our conditions. Gosh, if it was only about pilates and yoga we’d be a sex goddesses by now!

Please let me know what you think after seeing Zosia Mamet speech.


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